7 open-concept bathrooms for your HDB flat

A growing trend in luxury hotels, especially boutique luxury hotels, is the open-concept bathroom. While it might not suit the taste of some, it definitely has a unique look to it. We like the open-concept bathroom because it helps your bedroom appear larger, brings light into your tiny bathroom space, and brings a spa-like effect to the room (especially if you have a tub), what’s not to love?

If you’re worried about privacy, there are plenty of ways to temporarily close the bathroom off, through blinds and even electric frosted glass.

Here are some homeowners who have mastered the bathroom in their HDB flat:

1) The hotel effect
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This designer brought the hotel-effect into this bedroom, replacing the ensuite bathroom's wall with glass. The use of gray tiles and stand-alone tub brings an elegant look to the bedroom.

2) The bachelor pad
bathroom, bathtub, hdb flat, renovation,

This designer and homeowner decided to transform the ensuite master bedroom into a personal gym and changing area. The wardrobe is hidden behind a sliding door, next to the open-concept bathroom.

3) The bachelorette pad
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As planned by the designer, the strong pink of the room is balanced nicely by the bright sunlight and the white walls, giving this homeowner a feminine, private sanctuary.

4) For the shy ones
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If you want the luxury of an open-concept bathroom but want privacy as well, try out this designer's idea and use blinds.

5) Full-on luxury mode
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If you want this extremely luxurious and generously spaced room for yourself, your basic HDB flat master bedroom isn't going to cut it. You're going to have to add the extra space of a spare room and reconfigure the area completely. But as this designer has shown, the end result is totally worth it.

6) Small and simple
bathroom, bathtub, hdb flat, renovation,
With only a small space to work with, this designer made use of the light coloured tiles and glass door of the bathroom to help the bedroom appear larger.

7) The bare necessities
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When it comes to placing an open-concept bathroom in your HDB flat's master bedroom, always remember to keep it simple to save space. If you're really in need of storage, do what this designer did and let your headboard play double-duty with alcoves built-in for storage.