7 pieces of kitchen hardware you need

Your kitchen might already be stocked with the essential appliances, but don't forget these 7 really useful kitchen fixtures! Not only do they help turn your kitchen into a more user-friendly and efficient space, they can also help you hide clutter and free up space for all the cool cooking tools you want to buy. 

1) Built-In Dustbins
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
Keep the unappetising sight of a bin out of view. Built-in dustbins, such as these five- and eight-litre cans, can be tucked behind kitchen cabinet doors. Get one with a lid to keep out pests and unwanted smells.

2) Built-In Baskets
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
The best way to organise is to compartmentalise. These built-in baskets don't just keep your pantry tidy – they create a complete storage system with pull-out trays that can be customised and adjusted based on the height of your food packaging, bottles and other items.

3) Wine Glass and Bottle Holder
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
Love to entertain? Then you’ll definitely need this. Rather than leaving your glasses and bottles in cabinets to collect dust, a suspended holder is a great way to display them and save space, too!

4) Cutlery Trays
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
Keep cutlery organised with the help of a cutlery tray. The different compartments mean that you’ll never stab yourself with a sharp knife again while digging around for a chopstick set.

5) Plate Holder
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
We bet you’ve never seen this outside of a hotel, but this extremely useful holder prevents broken plates by keeping them safely in place. Perfect for households with children.

6) Pull-Out Trays
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
Attached to the cabinet door, these trays automatically slide out as you open the door. Place condiments on them for easy retrieval; its unique S-shape also makes full storage use of any L-shaped cabinet.

7) Soft-Closing Drawers
kitchen fixtures, hardware, built-in
Never endure the harsh sound of a drawer slamming shut again with soft-closing drawers. They’re regular drawers with a sliding mechanism that makes the drawer slow down and close softly, instead of slamming against the cabinetry, when you push it too hard.

All these products are available at Excel Hardware.