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Living room design ideas: Do away with the coffee table
9 modern stylish living rooms that do not have coffee tables.

coffee table


Kitchen design tips for good fengshui at home 
Harness positive energy at home by ensuring correct placement of the things in your kitchen.

kitchen, fengshui


7 ways for walk-in wardrobes in HDB flats
See the walk-in wardrobes in these HDB flats.

walk-in wardrobe, HDB flat


6 ways to redesign your balcony 
How you can redesign your balcony to become part of a bigger living area.

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House Tour: Scandinavian look with industrial elements in this HDB BTO flat!
The standout features of this four-room HDB flat were created with a clever sleight of hand using paint! 

HDB, HDB BTO, Scandinavian


Wardrobe hacks: Know which items to hang and fold
These tips will help you save space and keep your clothes in tip top condition!

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A shopper's guide to Ubi
Ubi might just be the next furniture hotspot in town!

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