8 storage ideas for your extensive shoe collection

Shoe cabinet too small to store all your goodies? We've spotted a few HDB home owners who have gotten help from their IDs to maximise the space while making their home look great, as well as a few other ideas.

1) Display it all

Get rid of the cabinets completely and place your shoes on a full-length display. The airy conditions will keep your leather in good condition. You'll just have to dust them once in a while.

2) Quirky cabinets

This ID took the homeowner's love for shoes and turned into a unique display. The barn-inspired cabinets add a pop of colour to your entrance and gives you plenty of storage.

3) Store them under your seats

This ID built a dual function seat that makes it easy for you to select your shoes and put them on before you leave the home. If a two seater is not enough, extend the built-in seat across a stretch of wall or in a corner. The possibilities are endless and you'll have more space for shoes!

4) Zone your home

This ID made use of a stout shoe cabinet to zone the entrance from the living room. The cut-out section, painted black, is perfect for displaying trinkets or storing books. 

5) Private pockets

These private bubbles were created from PVC pipes and placed around a large mirror. Not only does it offer a seating option, it's easy storage.

6) On a lazy susan

Something that's been floating around pinterest, this shoe carousel was customised by a carpenter for his family. We're not promising it's available, but its definitely possible to create.

7) Behind a mirrored surface

This ID hid the owner's storage behind a huge mirror feature, not only does it make the room feel larger, it allows for more storage space.


This designer used a soft glow to highlight the shoes hidden underneath the cabinets.