7 smart home products from CES 2015

CES! CES! Only like the most amazing showcase ever! The Consumer Electronics Show has the best in technology, all sorts of electornic giants showing off their fancy new toys and of course exciting new gadgets for the home. In fact, 25,00qsft of the space was dedicated to smart home showcases.

We've picked out a few products that would be great for the home:

1) LG Styler

This might LOOK like a closet - or a very tall refrigerator - but it's a lot more! It's a clothing management system that was designed to refreshing clothes without detergents. Sort of a temoprary cleaning solution of sorts for suits, coats and sweaters. Hang your clothes in the styler and let the built-in heat pump work its magic on your clothes. Several interesting functions include the Quick Refresh function which also helps remove odors from smoke, food and sweat (you can even shoose two different scents!), the Moving Hanger Action, which shakes clothes gently after they've been steamed to prevent wrinkles and the Easy Pants Crease Care feature. Stylish, and useful.

2) LG Twin Washer 

LG is on a roll! They've also developed the Twin Washer System, the first in the world to wash two separate loads at the same time. The mini washer is located in the pedestal, under ths pain washer, which means cycle times are fewer. It also comes equipped with WiFi and LG's HomeChat messaging service (which for the life of us escapes reason - but still, we suppose it is a cool function).

3) Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

The ingenious touch-to-open lock works together with an app. Owners of the lock can use the Kevo app to send and revoke "eKeys" to family, friends or whoever they choose. All recipients will need is the eKey in the app, stand close to the lock, which will sense the eKey, tap the lock and get access into the home. No more worrying about losing your keys.

4) Budgee

Ah ma's going shopping? She can just use the Budgee. Budgee is a robot that follows you around and carries your things. The designer's website claim's it supposed to be "glamourous". We say it's still developing.

5) Netatmo

This home security system is perfect for homes with latch-key kids. The camera has a facial recognition programe that notifies smartphone users, linked to the camera, when a family member comes home. 

6) HomeKit 

I don't know why it took Apple so long to come up with a home automation system. But either way, it's here. The HomeKit, with all of its accessories, lights, curtains, idevices, powerstrips etc, is more or less set in motion. It's not perfect but it is here. An interesting point to note would be that you can control everything through Siri from your phone at home, but if you're away at the airport and you'd like to remotely control your home, you'll need Apple TV. #themoreyouknow Check out the iDevices Switch and iHome. Both basically let you control any appliance through Siri. So maybe... plug in your kettle and tell Siri, "Siri, boil me some water!" and bam! Kettle is turned on.

7) SmartThings

Samsung's way ahead of the game if you're talking about home automation. They acquired SmartThings, a home automation system that's now being programmed to handle all their products including fridges, robot cleaners and even washing machines. It's the whole package. Of course plenty of devices for security come with it too. 

Now remember, these products are great, but most of them won't be available in Singapore any time soon. Just take it as a glimpse into the near future!