7 Standout Bathroom Looks You’ll Want to See!


Bathrooms are a place of relaxation to many. Because of this, bathroom decor becomes important and essential for every home. We’ve compiled 7 standout bathrooms, each with its unique design and inspiration.

Balinese bathroom, bamboo, concrete, traditional, simple, bathroom design
Design: Edgeline Planners

A Bali Escape
These homeowners were so in love with Balinese bathrooms that they decided to recreate one to call their own. Materials such as marble and stone, that were sourced from Bali itself, were also incorporated into this resort-styled toilet. We especially love earthy elements like the bamboo poles and stone basin that were included in this bathroom design.


rustic, ambience, blue-green, painted bathroom, bathroom styles
Design: Grafunkt

Going Rustic
The homeowner decided to give his rustic bathroom a regal twist by painting the walls blue-green, which added pizazz and boldness to the space. The Gubi mirrors and antique-inspired brass taps are interesting decorative elements.


vintage bathroom, peranakan tiles, rustic, antique
Design: Jade Seah

Vintage Tiles
The vibrant vintage Peranakan tiles are a cheerful addition to the bathroom of this home, bringing life to the grey space. The mirror camouflaged as an old-fashioned “window” reflects the colourfully tiled shower area, creating an exciting depth of space to the bathroom. 


open concept, bathroom, white tub, classic, minimalistic
Design: Project File

The Great Outdoors
These homeowners wanted to incorporate the outdoors in their bathroom; now they get to experience spectacular views while enjoying their showers and baths. This bathroom mixes modern and organic elements, using wood in a contemporary way. 


hooks, industrial style, bathroom design, exposed lights, black pipes
Design: Free Space Intent

Hooked On Lights
This bathroom expresses the industrial style through raw concrete walls and exposed suspended lights. A curious addition to the space is the numerous hooks attached to the ceiling, which allows the owner to easily change the position of the lamps. But the space still manages to look minimalistic and clean.


graphic, wooden interior, simplistic, minimal, personal
Design: Sponge

The Graphic Game
Spruce up a simple woody interior by simply adding eye-catching graphics and motifs. This homeowner went with very minimalistic light wood furnishing, but added his own personality into the bathroom by putting up printed graphics. Everything else is kept crisp and clean with a light concrete ceiling and walls, and white wall tiling.


vintage, country-style, bathroom style, floral, silk flowers, pebbles, antique
Design: Design Intervention

The Secret Garden
These homeowners decided to go for a more country-like theme with their bathroom, by adding a white vintage cupboard and stool. Other ornaments such as the suspended light, candle-holders and silk flowers enhanced the look.

Now that you’ve been inspired by 7 different styled bathrooms, perhaps you’ll want to get started on revamping your own! Go all out and find the style and feel that suits you the best.