7 ways to get that dramatic boutique hotel room look

What's the appeal of boutique hotels? Waking up to the feeling like you're in a totally different era or part of the world (even though you're still in Singapore)! Bring the dramatic look of the hotel room home. We have tips on how you can get that similar look and feel here:

1. Pick a theme
To get that "home away from home" look, decorate your room according to a fun theme. A room with a strong theme will transport you to another era instantly!
Chinese retro theme design channel
(Interior design by Design Channel)

2. A tall bed
A luxurious bed makes all the difference. A bed that's elevated makes the bed the focal point of the room.
bedroom JQ Ong
(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

3. A fancy headboard
One of the best times before bed time? Lounging around and curling up with a good book. Surely you'll need a comfortable headboard! 
bedroom headboard three-d conceptwerke
(Interior design by Three-d Conceptwerke)

4. An eye-catching lighting fixture
A chandelier will add to the dramatic factor of the room, and at the same time, will give the illusion of a lower ceiling, making the room look and feel more cosy.
bathroom chandelier design intervention
(Interior design by Design Intervention)

5. Open-concept ensuite bathroom
Make your space look larger by replacing the wall that separates the bathroom and bedroom with glass. It will show off your beatiful bathtub as well.
rezt and relax bathroom bathtub
(Interior design by Rezt & Relax)

6. Soft furnishings
Add soft furnishings like a rug, cushions and throws for that added touch of cosiness!

(Interior design by E&A Interiors)

7. Something unexpected
A claw foot tub in a small modern bathroom? Why not!
space sense clawfoot tub
(Interior design by Space Sense)

A small sitting area will make your bedroom look like a luxe hotel suite!
canopy bed splendor
(Interior design by Splendor)