8 modern and chic pastel spaces

Pastel colours never fail to brighten a space! They often add to a relaxing atmosphere, and help keep your room from appearing small and moody. Unfortunately, they are often thought of as frivolous and “girly”. Contrary to belief, these soft shades can actually help your home appear modern and chic.

The key to this would be to pair pastels with cool whites, soft greys and other neutral colours. Also avoid using elaborate and ornate detailing in rooms that have plenty of pastels, and keep things simple and light.

Here are 8 spaces that have made good use of pastels and inspired us:

1. Pastel photo frames help break the monotony of the long corridor
pastel, home, corridor,
(Image by: Make Room)

2. The painted brick wall makes a lovely pastel feature in the otherwise plain bedroom
bedroom, feature, pastel,
(Image by: Home Oh My)


3. The pastel fridge and dining chairs soften the warm wood of the dining area

(Image by: JQ Ong / The Association)

4. The pastel stripes add cheer to this baby's room
(Image by: Dulux)

5. Add pastel accents to a neutral- or monochrome-themed home
(Image from: Tumblr)

6. The light blue helps add to the bright, airy atmosphere of this bedroom.
 pastel, blue, pretty, home,
(Image by: Grafunkt)

7. This couple used two different pastel colours to zone his-and-her study areas in their study room.
study room, his and her, study, pastel,
(Image by: Free Space Intent)

8. Elegant pastel-coloured boxes can be used to store clutter, and are pretty enough to be displayed on open shelves!