8 Quirky Dinner Plates for your Kids

Having kids who are fussy eaters can be difficult. Possible solution - changing the plates they eat from, to add an entertaining element to mealtimes! Here are some that we think your kids will love!


1. If your little one fancies themselves to be a sailor of the high seas, give them a taste of their dreams with this nautical-themed plate.

Schoomer Melamine Plates, $5.60, from Houzz.


2. Let your kid choose from these brightly illustrated plates decorated with adorable animals and objects. They’ll probably come back for seconds!

Ingela P Arrhenius melamine plates, $15, from Huest.


3. The graphic illustrations on these beetle plates might just fuel your child's interest in nature!

Beetle plates, $6.20, from Crate & Barrel


4. Let your kid relish in Alice In Wonderland-inspired whimsy with this colourful plate.

Rabbit plate, $12.50, from Naiise and Galanga Living


5. It’s not just a plate, but a game as well. Challenge your child to plow their way through their meal with the cool set of bulldozer cutlery by “driving” their spoonful up the ramps. The partitions on this plate also makes portion-sizing easy.

Construction line dinner set, $62.68, from Constructive Eating.


6. The ergonomics of this plate and the non-slip base helps reduce messy spills when your child eats. No more headaches during mealtimes!

Smagli plate, $6.90, Ikea


7. If your child loves being creative, let him or her use their dinner to "make up" the faces on their plates. And eat the food after, of course!

Sketch.inc happy face plates, $42.70, from The Kids Who


Who doesn't love adorable puppies all dressed up in their summertime best? We're pretty sure your kid will. These plates are made of porcelain, so they's more suited for older children.

Claudia Pearson dog plates, from $33.90, from West Elm


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