8 simple but creative ways to style your bedside

The bedroom is a private space, and the bedside table is where all the necessities go. Books, check. Eye-drops, check. Momento from your last holiday, check. So, when designing your bedroom, find something practical as well as stylish. Check out these alternatives to the common table:

(image credit: 0932 Design Consultant)

We wrote about the ladder shelve a few posts ago, and here it is used as a bedside "table". It goes perfectly with the wood and white theme too.


(image credit: Design Rebirth)

While this bedroom does use a common nightstand, the coathanger undeniably jazzes up the space. 


(image credit: www.internalisecarlo.tumblr.com)

What a simple but creative way to use concrete! Not only does it add an industrial accent to a room, it's versatile too; lean some books against its base or stick up a few polaroid films.


(image credit: www.houseandgarden.co.uk)

We love everything about this, from the genius use of the swing to the pouffe doubling as an extra landing space for necessities. 


(image credit: www.athomeinlove.com)

We think this brightly coloured pegboard will do good with or without the traditional nightstand. Just add a few hooks and you can hang anything on it - hats, spectacles, accessories, a nightrobe.


(image credit: DistinctIdentity)

Your table doesn't even need to be a separate. This space-saving drop-down table is the perfect solution to working and/or lounging in bed. Or for some of us, eating pizza while watching television.


(image credit: Dwell Interior Design)

Don't think too hard, just replace the common table with another piece of furniture. Case in point: a chair. May we add, we adore the raised platform!


(image credit: www.fydeo.com)

Fussy and modern, this floating storage is a unique way to keep things close by.