9 unique ideas to display indoor plants

If you've got the space at home for a book or a tea cup, you've got space for plants. Check out these 12 petite and moveable gardens that can be placed anywhere you need a touch of nature.

Pick a pocket

Maximise wall space by "stacking" your garden. Create a vertical garden or green wall (pictured are Vertical Greenery panels from Greenology) and fashion it into whatever size and design you fancy. 

Air out

Tillandsia (or air plants) come in all kinds of curious shapes and sizes. As their name suggests, these fascinating plants do not grow in soil. Place a variety of these portable plants - such as this selection from Pick a Plant - in assorted glass vessels to create a stunning centrepiece. 

Picture perfect

This inspired idea by Cynthea Lam of Anything Planter at Naiise.com makes use of an old picture frame and fern-type tactile plants such as moss for a lush, verdant cover. Just secure the frame's backing, remove the glass and line with plastic. Placed on a table, it looks just like a mini landscape.

A cup of green tea

Anything Planter also breathed new life into an old tea cup by repurposing it into a home for a plant. It certainly is nicer to look at than a plain, conventional pot.

Play with your food

These are delicate and pretty look at but, best of all, they're edible! Get a sprouter kit with seeds for microgreens from Plant Visionz and, in less than a week, you'll be enjoying summer rocket, radish, spinach, chia, mustard and broccoli. 

Eat off the walls

With an ingenious fabric planter like this one from Plant Visionz, you can make use of your wall space to grow herbs such as mint and oregano. A feature wall that you can harvest from sounds like a fun idea.

Show and tell

These plants in glass jars as seen at Bloesem are stunning in their simplicity, creating decorative displays that show off the plants in all their entirety - roots, soil and all.

Think out of the (planter) box

Talk about a clever concept! A hefty book, such as this old dictionary, is deep enough to house a small leafy plant. To create this whimsical planter, Anything Planter cut a hole (with a drill) through the front cover and pages, and lined it with a plastic sheet before potting the plant.

Live Art

They appear to be 3-D works of art, but are actually framed live moss panels. The Norway-imported moss in Living Art panels from Greenology have a painterly quality with subtly varied, fresh green tones, Hang the panels on the wall to make an artistic impression.