Are you throwing out your electronic goods responsibly?

Have you ever wondered where your old computers, mobile phones and televisions go when you sell them to rag-and-bone men or leave them by a dumpster? They end up as electronic waste (commonly termed e-waste), which poses huge problems for both the environment as well as social communities. These include open-air burning (to extract precious metal such as gold) that leads to toxic conditions for the workers and the contamination of land, water and air, especially if they end up in landfills or incinerators. 

So what's the best way to dispose of e-waste? Send them to facilities like Recycling Point Dot Com where they dismantle e-waste like fridges and washing machines for repurposing and recycling, as well as National Environment Agency-approved recycling plants where you can dispose of metal scrap, electronics and even printer cartridges.

Also, watch this video for a better understanding of this issue: