Balcony decking - which material works best?

(Design: EHKA Studio)

Whether you want your balcony decking to come in wood, concrete screed, or other materials, what do you need to consider when you make a choice?

1. Cost
This is one of the main factors everyone considers. How much would it cost and do I get a good quality deck with my budget? Of course, the quality of the deck you buy depends on cost. So if you want a quality deck, you’d have to spend more.

2. Different types of Decking
There are different types of decking in the market and so the type will heavily depend on your needs, budgets and preferences. Also consider the materials the decks are made of. Some decks are made of concrete while others are made of wood. Concrete decks are stronger while timber decks are easier to clean.

3. Size
Another important factor to consider is size. Make sure to get a deck that will fit your balcony by taking a measurement of the size of your balcony.

4. Safety
You should put safety into consideration as well, like whether you have kids or not. Make sure the decks you get are made of strong materials. For safety, concrete is usually preferable than any other type of deck option out there. It is more secure than any other type of deck options that you can find in the market.

It is also important that the balcony decking is durable as the deck is constantly exposed to the outdoor weathers. There are many types of good decking suitable for use in the balconies in the market these days, and hence, it is important to choose one that will serve you for the longest time.

(First published in The Floor Gallery)