Bathroom styling tips: Matching the right washbasin with the right faucet

Here’s how you pair the right tap and washbasin to suit your preferences:

Height Matters

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The height from the bathroom floor to the top rim of your washbasin should be around 85 to 90cm. This height ensures that you can use the tap and washbasin comfortably without stooping.

Basin Basics

Bathroom’s layout, shape and space available should be taken into consideration before selecting the basin and tap. Various types of washbasins suit different users, here’s how we differentiate them:

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  • Pedestal: The most common type, where the washbasin comes with its own leg and conceals the water trap.
  • Wall-hung: Mounted on the wall, this washbasin makes cleaning the floor easier. Some models even come with integrated towel rails below to save space, or a wide rim that doubles as a countertop.
  • Under-counter: This is where the basin is set below the line of the countertop, so the top of the basin is flush with that of the countertop. In tight spaces, the basin can be semi-recessed, where the bowl juts out slightly beyond the countertop.
  • Countertop: Simply placed on top of the counter, the basin takes on various design variations such as a shape of a salad bowl. The height of the surface has to be lowered to maintain the ideal 85 to 90cm height. A point to note, counter space surrounding stand-alone taps has a tendency to get wet so it requires more cleaning.
  • Unconventional basins: These are basins with no edges to hold the water in. The water hits a flat surface and runs on the side, like an infinity pool. Most suitable for powder rooms, they function mostly just for washing hands. Water pressures have to be low to prevent problems of backsplashes.

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For daily use, a practical model with adequate depth and width is recommended to limit splashing to a minimum.

Water Works

Taps range in broad categories, but where you should mount your tap depends on the type of tap and basin you get.

  • Wall-mounted tap: This design provides a neater overall look and ensures you have adequate space between the tap spout and the basin’s rim (approximately 8cm clearance) to fit your hands comfortably in between. If the width of the back rim is wide, get a tap with a longer spout.
  • Basin-mounted tap: Some washbasins come with holes that dictate the tap’s position. Others come with pre-punched holes that give you options on placement – the holes are only punched through later.
  • Stand-alone tap: Like a pillar, it is mostly used with a “salad bowl” basin with a narrow rim and commonly placed on the left or right to save space. If you have double washbasins, place the mixers so the two are mirror images of each other where it’ll both serve function and aesthetics.

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It is advisable to buy both washbasins and taps from the same store so it’s easier to check if they’re suitable for use together. Otherwise, provide the mixer’s specifications to the salesperson of company where you bought the basin from and vice versa, so you don’t end up with a combination that doesn’t work.

For the plumbers and contractors installing the pieces, advise them of the specifications as well so that adjustments and measurements can be made, especially if you bought an unconventional design.

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