Bathroom Trends for 2016

If you're planning to renovate your home, or just remodelling your bathroom, consider these bathroom design ideas predicted to be trending in 2016! Luxury bathroom company Maison Valentina compiled this list from various different sources such as residential architects, trade associations, remodeling companies, contractors, interior designers, real estate agents, real estate stagers and retailers. We've already seen some of them done in bathrooms here, and they do look great, so try them out!

1. Freestanding Tubs
The report says that built-in bathtubs are declining in popularity and freestanding bathtubs are the preferred bathtub of choice among 2016’s trendsetters. This trend is not just for people who live in landed homes; some homeowners have managed to fit a freestanding tub in their HDB bathroom (see second photo)! 

bathtub, freestanding bathtub, bathroom, landed property
Design: D'perception Ritz

bathroom, bathtub, clawfoot tub
Design: Space Sense

2. White Bathrooms
White bathrooms are already super popular in Singapore, and their dominance looks to continue. It's the perfect colour for a bathroom, as it connotes cleanliness, and also lends itself well to many design themes - from minimalism to modern-classic, and contemporary. Here are two we love! 

white bathroom, bathroom, subway tiles, black grouting
Design: Museum Homes

bathroom, white bathroom, rain shower, mirror
Design: Aiden T

3. Grey Bathrooms 
We haven't seen many grey bathrooms here, but the report says that grey has been a trendy colour for years (we agree!), and it's still going to be strong for 2016. The good thing about grey is that it can go with any colour you want, just like white. How about grey and turquoise, as the greys being used are of the greenish-bluish type. 

grey bathroom, bathroom, bathroom trend, bowl sink
Design: One-Stop Concept

4. Boutique-style bathrooms

We've seen this increasingly- how the bathroom is being treated as an extension of the master bedroom. More focus and attention is given to the bathroom now, which has become larger, and as the report mentioned, the space is being treated more as a social wellness centre, where a couple can interact as well. 

open concept bathroom, bathroom, graphic floor tiles
Design: The Scientist

5. Polished Metal FInishes 
We've seen this trend for a while in homes, but now it's set to hit bathrooms too, in a big way. in 2016, we can expect more polished metal finishes and less matte ones, and this includes brass, gold, silver and platinum. How about bringing the trend in just by changing your drawer knobs?

gold washbasin, twin washbasin, Maison Valentina
Photo: Maison Valentina

gold framed mirror, standalone washbasin,metallic tiles
Design: The Scientist

6. Dramatic Colours
Yes we said white will be big in 2016, but what about being dramatic for a change? We're be seeing more unique black bathrooms too! 

black bathroom, standalone washbasin, mosaic wall
Design: Museum Homes 

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