Beautiful Brick Walls

Many people love the look of brick walls for their warmth, charm, and character. A raw, exposed brick treatment would give off an unconventional, rustic feel, while an all-white brick wall would suit a more edgy and modern look. With so many possiblities, we discuss some of these options here:


White brick wall

Paint your brick wall white if you want to keep the raw look of the bricks but want to keep things clean and simple.



Raw Brick Wall

The red brick wall compliments this home with an industrial aesthetic. It strengthens the theme and gives the room colour.



Painted Brick Wall

Painted a cool mint green, this brick wall gives brings out the retro feel to the home.



Faux Brick Wall

This grey brick wall isn't actually brick! It is covered in laminates made to look like bricks! No added bulk; and maintainance is a breeze!