Bedroom design ideas: 10 trendy looks for bed and nightstand pairings

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom with loose furniture, you can get big style results just with the right key pieces! Your bed occupies the largest footprint in your bedroom, so it will set the tone for your space, design-wise. Paired with nightstands or bedside tables, whether with cooridnated or mismatched designs, you create a focal point or feature in your bedroom. 

Here are 10 trendy bedrooms that stylishly pair beds and nightstands. 


Design: The Scientist

1) A vintage romantic look


Design: Space Matters

2) A retro Mid-Century Modern look


Design: Design Intervention

3) A cottage or country-style look


Design: Royal Living

4) A classic masculine look


Design: Free Space Intent

5) A contemporary eclectic look


Design: Desmond Ong

6) A minimalist industrial-chic look


Design: Hue D

7) A modern monochromatic look 


Design: Dwell Interior Design

8) An oriental-inspired look


Design: Design Rebirth

9) An urban loft-like look


Design: E&A Interiors

10) A chic global-inspired look


Which is your favourite?