Bedroom Essentials

If you consider your bedroom a personal sanctuary, then you'd want the decor done right. This list will give you a head start on what you will need for that serene, cosy, and clutter-free bedroom!

1) A Bed: This may sound really obvious, but it is important to have more than a mattress to sleep on. A bed with a padded headboard lets you lean back and sit up without having to feel the wall behind you! What bed frame you decide on affects the overall height of your bed too! So con

2) A Bedside Table: A hold-all and storage for all your necessities when you're in bed - night light, books, alarm clock, tissue paper, your phone while it charges, etc. 

3) A Lamp or a Night Light: Perfect for bedside reading! Plus, you won't have to walk over to the main switches before you hit the sack! 

4) Window Treatment: Consider how much light you'd like your bedroom to receive in the day and at night. Thin, sheer curtains allow sunlight to seep in, leaving the bedroom glowing with sunlight. Thick drapery, on the other hand, would ensure you get the "black out" treatment, and you can enjoy your privacy when night falls.

5) A Wardrobe: The bedroom is your sanctuary, so minimise clutter. Calculate the amount of storage you need, especially wardrobe space! Don't forget that the size of your wardrobe would affect how much space you have for other pieces of furniture in the room. Pioritise, and choose wisely.

6) A Dresser: A vanity table makes it easy for the ladies to get ready at the start of the day. Drawers or table-top organisers are essential to keeping your dresser neat. Consider investing in a built-in design like the one above if you've got a space-starved bedroom! Bachelors, you could skip on this one.


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