Best parts of the home to display art

In our space-starved flats, it's important to be strategic about where and how we display art. Artworks should relate to wall size and furniture size and not overwhelm the room. Also, you should choose a wall where the piece will have maximum impact. Hence, we picked out five areas in the home where you should display art:

A great way to display a mixture of prints and photographs, put up a shallow shelf to line up paintings and framed photographs. You don’t have to commit to one fixed composition and your walls will be unscarred as well.

(Interior design by Io Man Style Kounsel)

Most homeowners display their largest or most standout painting in the living room. Big is good, as long as the art spans half the width of the wall, but not wider than the furniture below it. Leave a space of 15cm to 20cm between the art piece and the furniture so that they do not compete for attention. Take note, if you're hanging it above a sofa, make sure the bottom edge of the painting is above where you rest your head when you sit!

(Interior design by JQ Ong)

Dining rooms are a different ball game, as most artwork is viewed from a sitting position. Take measurements so that the pieces can be viewed comfortably when people are seated around the dining table.

(Interior design by Edgeline Planners)

The fridge is not the default gallery space for your children's artworks! Give your little artist some wall space in her own room! Find creative ways to display their materpieces! If you don't want to frame them up, clip them to a cable mount to so you can change them about easily.

(Interior design by 19sixtyseven)

With reference to the blog entry on staircase decor ideas, the stairwell makes for an effective gallery as the increasing height of the walls lends this space well to diagonal displays and multiple paintings. You can even display art in frames of varying sizes.

(Interior design by Homme Space)

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