The Best Ways To Store Books

If your collection of books and magazines is expanding at an exponential rate, storing and organising them is a growing problem! Whether you choose to go with built-in shelving or store-bought bookcases, here are some of the best ways to store your books!


Built-in bookshelf by Prozfile

Despite the amount of books on the shelves, this shelving unit doesn't look bulky as the shelves go from floor the ceiling, maximising every inch of space!


Loft Bookshelf by Prozfile

Got a high ceiling? How about creating a loft and turning it into a library?


Low Bookshelf from Museum

We love these pigeonholes that wrap around the sofa. This makes for a good room divider too!



Shelf of the Prologue Collection from Scanteak

Thanks to its clean lines and slim panels, this bookshelf frames the books, and makes them stand out.


Array bookcase from CB2

You'll be surprised by how many books you can store in this vertical bookcase! It takes up way less floor space than regular bookshelves.


Liquorice Bookshelf by B-Line from Lifestorey

Space-starved apartments can make use of wall shelving to store their books. You can get creative with these colourful ones; perfect for a children's room.