Big ideas for small spaces - Part 2

These great ideas for small spaces come from the hotel rooms you love - form and function guaranteed!

Built-in lighting 
Rather save space on your nightstand for your gadgets? Enclose the light within the wall, letting it shine through a cut-out shape. As seen at Klapsons, it becomes an interesting decor feature and saves space, too.

hotel room, bedroom, lamp, bedside table


"Floating" Beds
The long, spindly legs of this floating bed at New Majestic Hotel (below) almost make it seem like the slim platform is suspended in mid-air. It’s 
high enough to stow your luggage as well!

hotel room, bedroom, bed design, storage


Wall-mounted Ledges
Instead of using loose shelves, consider wall-mounted ledges. In the Pantone Yellow room at Wanderlust, the ledge flows seamlessly from the window and joins the platform of the bed to make it as unobtrusive as possible.


Island Sink
At Naumi, the washbasin has been brought out from the bathroom’s footprint and into the room itself. The sexy-looking island hardly looks out of place; the structure was custom-made of quartz and can be lit from the inside.

bedroom, washbasin


Tall Larders
Instead of a bulky minibar, the rooms at Naumi house all their drink accessories in a tall, pull-out larder that slides away and out of sight when not in use. Drawers on the other side organise smaller items. This is great for small kitchens and has the bonus of letting you see everything at a glance.

larder, storage, food storage


Functional Partitions
Marking different zones with a hanging partition will keep the floor clean and open, as in this room at New Majestic Hotel. If you plan for an open-concept bathroom, use the partition as a mirror on one side, and mount the TV set on the other side, facing the bed.

bedroom, partition, shelf, room divider

"Floating" Nightstands
As seen at New Majestic Hotel, a small ledge affixed to the wall is a great space-saving way to keep necessities close to your bed.

bedroom, bedside table, ledge, shelf