Create Visual Drama with Black and White Floors

With just two of the most basic colours, a black and white pattern for the floor creates visual drama thanks to its stark contrasts. Here are 7 ways you can use it to enhance the home’s overall design. 


Tiles with geometric cubic patterns are a fun and trendy way to inject visual energy into a space. (Interior design by Museum)


Spotlight different zones of the home by varying the floor treatment. Here, a classic checkerboard flooring gives the dining area extra oomph. (Interior design by Museworks)

Vintage-inspired hexagonal tiles are given a fresh new treatment here with a monochromatic scheme. (Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

This homeowner clad his retro-inspired kitchen with embossed black and white tiles, which is non-slip and decorative at the same time. (Interior design by Io Man Style Kounsel)

A white-based windmill tile pattern can visually enlarge and brighten up a small bathroom, and give it visual interest at the same time. (Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

The snazzy glossy checkered marble flooring here echoes the black window frames and contrasts boldly against the pops of red accents. (Interior design by Design Intervention)

Placing black and white tiles in a simple straight lay pattern creates a hypnotizing effect. (Interior design by Mint Studio)


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