Blending contemporary and industrial styles in a HDB flat

While seemingly worlds apart, the contemporary and industrial decor styles managed to come together to form an amicable pair in this five-room HDB flat under the direction of interior design firm Space Sense. When it comes to blending polarising home decor styles, it's all about proportion, and this apartment is a perfect balance of bright and monochromatic shades, as well as soft and raw textures.

Contemporary style home decor in HDB flat
While a white and black foundation is laid out for the open plan living area, it is enlivened by the red His and Hers chairs by Italian Designer Fabio Novembre, as well as the neon upholstery of the lounge sofa.

Contemporary style home decor in HDB flat
Every other industrial style home has a brick feature wall. But this home steered away from that archetypal formula by throwing in zesty contemporary shades and shapes. The white walls and natural light also prevent the concrete-look tiles from appearing dreary.

Contemporary and industrial style home decor in HDB flat
While the kitchen island, shelf, and chairs feature contemporary silhouettes, the uneven texture of the ceiling beam and exposed bulbs bring a rugged edge to this sleek area. The playful mix of aesthetics creates a uniqueness to this home that allows it to transcend fickle decor trends!

Contemporary and industrial style home decor in HDB flat
If you've always dreamed about having a kitchen island, one way you can free up more floor space in the kitchen for it is to build storage compartments into its base! This customised design is not only eye catching, but extremely practical as well!

Contemporary and industrial style home decor in HDB flat
Can't decide whether to get open or closed shelves? Why not incorporate both concepts into one clever design! With this, you have space to display the prettier collectibles and accessories, and have the option of hiding unsightly clutter within the enclosed sections.

Industrial style home decor in HDB flat
Reminiscent of worn out crates, the rugged flooring gives the otherwise minimalist master bedroom a strong character. The impact is also heightened thanks to the fact that the monochromatic space is left undecorated.

Contemporary and industrial style bathroom decor
With tiles that bring to mind corrugated steel and clean-lined contemporary fittings, the bathroom is a beautiful juxtaposition of popular interior design styles.

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