Blinds or curtains for a breezy home?

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It's great to be living in a breezy place, but on the 
flip side, strong winds can cause problems, too. Curtains would be the wrong choice for your windows in such breezy conditions, unless they are made of a thicker and heavier material, or are weighted.

Covered drapery weights can be sewn inside the hem of the curtain – this helps the curtain stay in position, and fall better as well. You can ask your curtain supplier to sew them in, or sew them in yourself.

Horizontal blinds might actually be the better choice 
for windy homes – you just have to ensure that they can be fixed at the bottom to the window frame, so they don’t flap and cause a racket.

How about not having window treatments? Use window films
to keep the heat and glare out instead. These are not necessarily tinted, and can actually look like there are no films on the window at all!