Bold, brightly coloured homes

The trouble with bright and bold colours, is that they sometimes clash or overwhelm the furnishing of the room. The challenge is getting them to blend nicely without appearing gaudy. These homes have achieved that and have mastered the art of using bright colours. Read on for more inspiration!

Play with shades: The bright blue against the pale lilac brings a nice contrast to home.

Stripes: The nautical themed room is the perfect colour for a growing child, and the white strips help soften the blues, keeping the room light with an interesting feature wall.

Graffiti art: The bright colours of this custom art piece keep the room looking youthful and perfect for a teen.

Brightly coloured furniture: Keeping your home plain and simple allows you to bring furniture with brighter colours into the home. If you don't like the concrete look, keep the walls a clean, off-white colour. We love how the green rug looks a little bit like grass! 

White furniture, colourful walls: The bright walls help the white pieces of furniture stand out.

Mosaic tiles: Bring colour to your home with colourful mosaic tiles.