7 brilliant and beautiful white spaces to get inspired by


Constrast is added with dark wood furniture.


Calm, serene, pure, elegant, chic... These are just some ways to describe a white space. A white colour scheme is also so versatile, as it seems to work in every rooom of the home!  

But how to ensure that your space isn't "flat" or "boring"? These designers and homeowners have nailed the look.


Brick — a highly textured material — is used for the bathroom walls. The material is low-maintenance, but definitely does a lot for a space.


Light wood tones harmonise with white.


A pop of bright colour makes an artistic statment, visually breaking up the monotony of the all-white surfaces.


A soft, cosy vibe is created with furnishings in light colours.


The stark white TV area is complemented with shades of black and grey — colours at the other end of the spectrum!


Neutral colours blend in with white to create an understated canvas.