House tour: Get built-in storage ideas from this condo's $60,000 reno

As this condo unit was the family home of a couple with two children, it had to be packed with storage compartments to conceal as much clutter as possible. Designer William Chan of Spacedge Designs therefore suggested using the concept of "blocks" as the building block of the home's interior design, as structured designs often ensure minimal space wastage, and is more affordable than curved designs.


A combination of vibrant colours and strong geometric lines come together in an eccentric living room. The use of built-in components also free up clutter in this open area, allowing it to look and feel more spacious.

The peacock-blue box that anchors the common area contains camouflaged drawers that hold the family's tableware, and conceals the domestic helper's room at the same time. Paired with a bright orange dining table that "slices" into it, this corner is one truly arresting visual focus of the home.


The blocky design language is interpreted in another way here, where the TV console is broken up into wall-mounted boxes of various sizes that were tailored to fit the different audiovisual equipment. Laminates of different shades were then used to clad these boxes for a simple yet striking design.

Behind the sofa, which is a Patricia Urquiola design, is a full-height partition made out of tetris-like shapes that serve as open display shelves and closed compartments. This unique feature wall is also a clever way to separate the study area from the living room.

Instead of a solid wall, the designer optimised the home's geometric motifs by creating a peek-a-boo panel to enclose the study room. This design element also allows more natural light to flow from the room's windows and into the walkway.

On the other side of the living room's feature wall is a sunny yellow storage wall that holds the family's stationery and books. Thanks to its "cut out" boxes that allow more light to flow through, the entire space in turn feels visually lighter as well.

The home's rectilinear language is carried subtly into the master bedroom, which has a head board made out of two backlit rectangular panels.

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