Cafe design ideas to add at home!

With cafes popping up like mushrooms after the rain, the decor of these cosy coffeehouses is now the source of inspiration for many homeowners. How do you put a finger on the look? Read these tips.

(design: Space Matters)


Use whatever you have and whatever you fancy, as you don't need everything to match. Repurposed, vintage and industrial-inspired pieces add charm to your space. You can use a variety of different chairs around your dining table is casual and inspired. Just make sure they relate to each other somehow, whether in material, colour or form.


(design: Lekker Design)


The 214P chair is found in many bistros and cafes, and incorporating them into your design is a sure way of getting that cafe look. Communal tables also help create a convivial mood - consider this for a dining table or a study space. Opt for open shelving, so you can put your accessories, books, games, and other quirky stuff you have on display.


(design: Museum Homes)


Most cafes sport the industrial look, using brick veneers to achieve the same look as real bricks. If you're into subway tiles, try setting them in vertical arrangements, in a herringbone pattern, or mix with plain square tiles. You can also mix the "raw" look with refined finishes.


(design: Project File)


Decor accessories can transform the personality of your "cafe" and set it apart from the rest of the crowd.  Use glass vessels, bottles and jars as bud vases (plus points if they are recycled), and leave stacks of design magazines and coffee table books lying around for a casual inviting air. Have an antique typewriter and old posters? Display them!


(image: Ikea)


Like your furniture, your diningware does not need to match. Eschew find dining styles and embrace old-school enamelware, ornate china and graphic printed pieces. Mix and match them all effortlessly.  For a rustic feel, serve food on wooden sandwich and cheese boards. These are heat-proof and suitable as trivets too.

Need more tips? See examples of cafe-esque dining settings, and some tableware you'll love!