Can I use wallpaper in my bathroom?

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Can wallpaper stand up to the high moisture and humidity levels in bathrooms? We gather the following tips to putting up wallpaper in your bathroom:

- Use solid vinyl wallpaper or vinyl-coated wallpaper.
- Solid vinyl wallpaper is made completely of vinyl, while vinyl-coated wallpaper is made of paper but has a protective coating of arcylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride.
- They are hardy, resistant to mildew and moisture as compared to fabric wallpapers or those without the coating.

- Despite using solid vinyl wallpaper or vinyl-coated wallpaper, constant changes to the temperature in the bathroom cause the wallpaper to warp and develop air bubbles underneath.
- Keep it to the vanity area or keep it to a common toilet whereby the shower stall is rarely used.

- Good quality wallpaper can last for about five to seven years for paper, and seven to 10 years for vinyl.
- To clean your wallcovering, use a soft cloth and a gentle detergent to remove stains.
- Ensure that you avoid exerting excessive force as it may cause tearing or wrinkles.
- Read more on easy wallpaper fixes here.

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