Carera Bathroom — Luxurious, Contemporary & Iconic

Laufen’s Palomba collection is just one of the many signature ranges that Carera Bathroom stocks.

The moment you step into this 7,000sqf showroom, you'd get a taste of Carera Bathroom’s idea of opulence — two lavish bathroom settings featuring Laufen (exclusive to the store)’s high-end collections are presented at the start of the main walkway. The “bathroom” on the left has pieces from Laufen's Palomba collection, including the dynamic asymmetrical high-back bathtub, while the one on the right is decked out with the classic Alessi One series designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Although the showroom may house premium signature designs such as the egg-like Alessi One toilet (it costs a whopping $12,520), it also stocks more affordable countertop basins from Roca ($200 to $500).

Known as the “Tuna” washbasin, this ceramic model by Laufen merges a sink and a countertop in an elegant fashion.


Roca’s Urban countertop washbasin which  feature the iconic buildings of cosmopolitan cities.

Want to make statement in your bathroom? Try something ultra-modern like, Laufen’s black Alessi Dot range. It includes an angular WC that Dylan Tay, Carera Bathroom’s business development manager, calls the “next big thing” (although he admits that Singaporeans aren’t taking to it as quickly as the Europeans). Another way to dress up your bathspace is with Roca’s Urban washbasins for that boutique hotel look! Chic!