The Chair You'll Never Need To Replace

Navy Chair by Emeco

The iconic 1006 Chair (a.k.a. Navy chair – because the US Navy commissioned it) by Emeco and its descendents are loved by both design addicts and greenies. Made of brushed and high-glass aluminum, they seem to have little to do with eco-friendly furniture.

However, being green goes beyond conventional notions! For Emeco chairman Gregg Buchbinder, being eco-friendly is simple: keep stuff out of landfills by making products that last a lifetime.

The Navy Chair is capable of withstanding rough use. Made entirely of aluminium, it is lightweight and durable. 80 per cent of the aluminium used is recycled: half comes from manufacturing scraps and the other comes from post-consumer waste (like cans).

Through the years, Emeco has introduced other sustainable materials too. Their latest chair: Broom, is made from wood polypropylene (WPP), a composite of wood fibre, sawdust and plastic waste.

Gregg adheres to the “built for a lifetime, not a lifestyle” ethos, and as a consumer, buys well-made, timeless products that is durable. He plans to hand his Emeco and Mies van der Rohe chairs down to his children. “When a Navy ship is decommissioned, the Navy Chairs may be sold to a restaurant and when that restaurant closes, sold to the next owner. In that way, more and more people will appreciate our desire to make something that lasts forever,” he says.

Now, you'll never look at the Navy Chair the same way again...


Emeco is available at Space Asia Hub, 77 Bencoolen Street, tel: 6415-0000.