Charming eclectic homes that'll leave you inspired

An eclectic style home generally means that the homeowner or designer has put together a mix of styles into one home. Paired with decor accessories and collectibles from the homeowners themselves, these homes often have a charming look that's uniqe to them. We share three eclectic homes that'll leave you inspired!


The vivacious furnishings of the home are mostly from Bangkok and Bali, purchased on impulse during the pair’s holidays.

“I like things to look really old,” says homeowner Steve, such as the scarred wooden table he bought from a defunct crocodile farm. It holds a prominent position in the living room.

Beautiful clutter is stored within a restored cabinet Steve discovered.

An old water-stained table was painted electric blue and topped with glass. It is used just behind the bed as a nightstand.

Brightly coloured statement pieces such as the red bamboo ladder contrast with the stark concrete walls of the bathroom.

Chancing upon wrapping paper with a goldfish motif, Steve framed a portion of it for the kitchen. It sits adjacent to another of his favourite works of art, a montage print of China, made up of images of citizens.

As Steve and his housemate don’t cook, the kitchen doesn’t have a stove. Instead, the space displays an impressive range of old-fashioned flasks and knick-knacks that bring an Oriental touch to the kitchen.



This room evokes the carefree vibe of the ’60s Pop Art movement with its loud colours and Warhol-inspired prints.

With its fusion of Chinese and Peranakan furnishings, the living area is rich in heritage and texture. Homeowner, Fiona, installed a wall divider so she could separate the lounging and dining areas.

The typewriter and dolls are family ‘heirlooms’ handed down from her grandfather and mum.

Fiona's mum’s blue-and-white Ming-style vases were the starting point for the living room’s decor scheme.

The display shelf features retro kitchen accessories complete with fake veggies.

Using the bold scarlet hue, Fiona recreated the mood of acclaimed Chinese movie, Raise The Red Lantern, in her master bedroom.


The charmingly eclectic mix of chinoserie and baroque elements in this walk-up apartment, coupled with Parisian antique store finds, has resulted in unique interiors that brim with personality. 

No design snobbery here – the Ikea “gas station” enamel lampshades complement the industrial look of the dining table and chairs.

It might not look like it sees much action, but this pristine white kitchen is used frequently by homeowners, Daniel and Robert, to whip up meals for their friends.

The white walls of the apartment are perfect canvases for Daniel’s many collectibles.

As a microcosm of his varied tastes, Daniel’s bedroom mixes Eastern and Western elements, and old and new pieces in an easy-breezy style.

Pieces of shipping memorabilia, such as this vintage lifesaver in the balcony, is a nod to Daniel’s family business in stevedoring.

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