Cheat sheet: Different types of Sofas

This list of common types of sofas should aid you in searching for the perfect couch. Particularly useful when it comes to online shopping, the proper names of the sofas should help narrow your Google search!


1. Easily recognisable by the tufts that decorate the frame of the sofa, it was made famous in the 19th century. They’re often upholstered in leather and don’t come with back cushions. Fun fact: It was designed for gentlemen clubs in the 19th century. Its unique design ensured that the suits of men were never crumpled even after hours of sitting down.


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2. A common sofa, it puts your comfort first. With well-stuffed cushions on the front and back, it was meant to be a casual sofa for large family homes. You can recognise it by the cushions and the arms of the sofa that are lower than its back. The arms are always rounded, or square at the ends. 


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(Image from: Ralph Lauren)
3. The posh, crisp sofa always looks neat and slim, its elegance coming from the curve of the sofa's frame. The sofa gets its name from the curves, or humps, that grace the back of the couch. 


English Rolled Arm / Club Sofa
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(Image from: Domino)
4. The bouffant sofa is always soft and extremely comfortable, but its arms are usually small, overshadowed by the large seat cushions. It was very popular in  and British country houses of the 1900s. 


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5. This common sofa can be seen in plenty of designer furniture stores. It's lean, low profile is extremely popular in homes decorated in a mid-century modern style. The sofa is always square-ish and low. It was designed to be functional and simple. 


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(Image from: Christopher Guy)
6. The exposed, carved wooden frame gives it an elegant, gentle appearance. Like the claw feet of a bathtub, the legs of the sofa often reference the limbs of dogs and lions. However, more modern pieces tend to have tapered legs to suit the trends of the market.


Chaise lounge
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7. Clearly made for a person of luxury, the dramatic frame only cradles a single section of the seat, directing you to lounge in the chair.


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8. It has multiple sections that join at a 90-degree angle. Some sectionals are modular, which means you can shift the sections however you please. It was designed for large houses.


Love Seat
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9. It comes in plenty of designs and looks, but as long as its small and compact, it’s referred to as a love seat.