Cleaner countertops in your kitchen and bathroom

Cosentino is a specialist in quartz surfaces.

Do you constantly clean your kitchen and bathroom countertops with cleaning agents, which might be environmentally unfriendly, to ensure they are free of bacteria? Spanish company Cosentino is a specialist in quartz surfaces and the company has enhanced the bacteriostatic protection in its Silestone range, so there is active protection against odours caused by bacteria, making it a more hygenic surface.

Silestone’s range of kitchen and bathroom worktops offers an active hygiene system in its composition, which minimises the growth of bacteria.

Compared with an unprotected surface, the amount of bacteria on a Silestone surface decreases after 24 hours of exposure.

The material is also resistant to stains, knocks, scratches and acids. Your kitchens and bathrooms will also look stylish, as the countertops come in a wide variety of colours and textures. 

Silestone countertops come in a wide variety of colours and textures.

In celebration of the brand’s 25-year anniversary, Cosentino is offering a 25-year warranty for all Silestone quartz surfaces.

Find out more at www.cosentino.com and www.silestone.com or call 6713-9543.