COLOUR: 3 Ways to Use Moss Green

Associated with dirty ponds and moist gardens, most people don't want moss in their homes. However, the rich colour of moss is a unique shade of green that can add an element of cosiness and freshness to a space without being overbearing and "in your face". Also, green has many positive symbolisms like fresh beginnings, good luck and fertility! So why not channel these positive vibes into your home? Here's how...

1. On the wall: Because of its earthy look, moss green can end up looking dull when used as a base colour. To brighten up the space, pair it with white for contrast or a very light birch to bring out its yellow undertones. This makes the green look more lively.

You can combine different shades of moss green, too — as seen in this living room set. Rug and sofa by Boconcept.

Photo by Rachel Whiting

2. Soft furnishings: If a moss-coloured wall is not for you, try it on curtains or on upholstery. As it's an unexpected choice, they will stand out and give the room a good dose of colour.

Interior design by Benjeemen Heng I.D.

Interior design by Design Intervention

3. Accessories: If you prefer to use moss green minimally, use it to accent your space with accessories like lighting fixtures or better yet, actual greenery!

Interior design by Formwerkz

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