COLOUR: Decor ideas for a home with an all-white palette

A home with an all-white colour palette has the potential to look and feel cold, bland and boring. However, done right, white spaces can have a lot of personality and feel cosy! We pick out decor ideas from inspiring white homes and show you how to cleverly and effortlessly pair white with white. 

1.  One colour, different surfaces. The cominbation of the sheer curtains, glossy flooring, and upholstery adds visual variety to this living room.

(Interior design by Metaphor Studio)

2. The effortless way to have an elegant home: clean lines, white walls, white flooring, white ceiling, white furniture. 

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

3. Got a small bathroom and want the illusion of a larger space? Carve out a bigger window to let in more light and add a large mirror!

(Interior design by Aiden T)

4. Create a focal point on your white wall with 3D or textured elements.

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

5. To balance the harsh modern look of the cooker hood, the textured brick wall in white gives this kitchen a softer, rustic vibe.

(Interior design by Pure Interior)

6. A distinct decor theme like french country could look over-the-top. However, by using an all-white palette, the elements are less pronounced giving the room a modern aesthetic.

(Interior design by Cottage Crafts)

7. Not keen on bare walls? Consider layering a patterned screen to accent the space.

(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

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