Contractor or interior designer? Find out which one to choose for your renovation!

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Design: The Scientist

The role of a contractor is quite different from that of an interior designer.

An interior designer is able to offer stylish solutions to design problems, tailoring the home for both form and function, to your needs. A contractor is someone who executes the design; he will manage the workers to carry out the wetworks, carpentry, painting, and so on.

To decide who to choose, ask yourself these questions. Firstly, how extensive will your renovation be? If it doesn’t involve heavy re-designing of your spaces, perhaps just a basic sprucing up of the existing rooms, then go with a contractor.

If you need someone to
 help you take all your ideas and translate them into a unified look for your home, then you’ll need an interior designer.

Would you have time to project-manage your renovation? If you engage an interior designer, you only need to work with him during the renovation. The designer will make sure the agreed design is being carried out to specifications. When working with a contractor, you’ll need to provide instructions on what you want, and monitor his work progress yourself.

What’s your renovation budget? A contractor will simply charge 
you for the work that has been done, but with a designer, there are design fees involved, for their professional skills and to a certain extent, the time spent coordinating the project.

Depending on the designer, this fee might either be built into the total bill or be a payment separate from the physical works done.