Create a Timeless and Classic Look with Camel

Unlike other neutral shades like chocolate or cream, camel is a more buttery shade with a golden undertone. Earthy and warm, camel is a colour that reminds us of sandy deserts, autum and rustic Mediterranean dwellings. Depending on how it's being used and paired in interiors, camel fits into most interior design styles, creating a timeless and classic impression. Here are some examples on how you can use camel in your home.

1) Camel paired with orange and red make for a luxurious (and maybe even Oriental) palette for a living room.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

(Interior design by 2form Interior Design)

2) A combination of camel and white makes for a moody and elegant space. Layer on darker shades of brown for a more masculine feel.

(Interior design by Design Intervention)

3) Dark blues such as navy, cerulean or indigo work well with camel and bring out its rich hue. The deep shades gives a nice contrast to the entire look of the space, too. 

Caravaggio wallpaper from Goodrich Global

4) You can also go with shades of green such as sage or olive for a more restful ambience in a bedroom.

(Interior design by The Interarch Design)

5) For a minimalist and elegant look, pair camel with soft grey.

(Interior design by ID Emboss)

We dare say that camel never goes out of style and it's a neutral shade that gives you many decor and design options regardless of the theme and style of your home. 

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