House Tour: 5 design lessons to learn from this creative HDB maisonette

This HDB maisonette is simply filled to the brim with clever interior design ideas! Check out how design studio Space Sense made sense of this double storey HDB home and packed as many eye catching details into it as possible.

1. Don't be afraid to mix different styles!
The living room is a cluster of varied details that come together in an eccentric approach. Besides the retro futuristic seatings and vintage inspired trunks, the main visual focus here is the origami style staircase railing and faux fire escape ladder.


2. Don't let awkward spaces go to waste
Instead of letting the extra space between the windows and staircase go to waste, the homeowners decided to turn it into a snug reading nook. The corner is brought to life with a vintage Eames rocker, and the award-winning Ribbon chair by Kelvin Teo, their interior designer.


3. Storage can be attractive too
The homeowners are also movie buffs, and their DVD collection and movie-related reads are given a special place at the living room — on a Lego block shelf beside the entertainment set.


4. Complement and contrast
Over at the kitchen, an intriguing scene is set up with a faceted kitchen island and an angular dining set that echoes its aesthetics. Topped off with an industrial charm brought in with the exposed brick wall and octopus chandeliar, this area is anything but dull.


5. Use quotes to make a statement
Even the plain glass pane by the staircase is not spared from a little design ingenuity. A quote decal not only works as a decorative touch, but also as an optimistic reminder for the homeowners.

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