Creative small space solution: Collapsable Furniture!

Wouldn't it be nice if some pieces of furniture could appear when needed and disappear when not! Space starved apartments and their homeowners can rejoice thanks to these nifty, space-maximising furniture!

Flipping Table in Red

If you're one of those who don't use the dining table very much, consider getting a table like this!. Only prop it up when you need it! More floor space!


Bed with drop-down table from DistinctIdentity

Love breakfast in bed? Or just want a cosy spot to read or surf? This built-in drop-down table is a neat solution for bedrooms! No extra furniture needed!


Pull-out table in the Kitchen by The Interarch Design

Wouldn't you agree that counter-top space is precious? Pull out a chopping board, a blender and a few plates and you soon realise you're out of space! Not with this pull-out table!


Murphy bed by Spaceman

A three-in-one option! Desk, shelving, and bed! A space-saver, indeed! With the bed tucked into the wall, you won't be distracted by the sight of the bed while you're working.