Decor ideas from this charming 4-bedroom villa

WHAT: Villa Anatoli, a 4-bedroom property. It is the newest addition to The Hideaways Club's (a luxury property investment company) collection of properties.

WHERE: Cretan resort of Elounda, Greece.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Villa Anatoli means 'where the sun rises', and the charming decor exudes a sense of warmth and cosiness that matches the Greek phrase. 

With inspiration from the local architecture, the interior designers selected a Mediterranean colour palette for the villa. The neutral hues, through the fabric or reclaimed wood used for the furniture, is soothing and laidback. Ceramic decor pieces as well as the rattan pendant lamps give an organic and rustic touch to the space.

Don't discount prints and patterns when you are putting together your moodboard! Even a space that is meant for relaxing can benefit from the right print or pattern. For instance, the white and cream furniture in this room makes the perfect base or background to pair with prints, as they match with almost anything. The blue and white combination gives off a nautical flair.

(Tips on using patterned fabric here.)

One room was given a dash of orange and yellow - a vibrant and warm addition to the earthy tones. We also spot some mustard on the patterned headboard as well as the printed rug.