Decor Tips from Visual Display Artists

Here are the people behind the aesthetics of your favourite interior shops in Singapore! These visual display artists share tips on how to turn a blank space into your dream home!

SHING NG, Visual Merchandiser At Proof Living

Her Home Decor Tips:

■ Determine the feel you want for your home.

■ Customers tend to choose the things they like when they shop for furniture or accessories, but the pieces may not match one another perfectly. Do consider the overall look.

■ Do not over-dress – think simple and build on basic or classic pieces with more stylish finds.


HAZLAN B. SULAIMAN, Chief Visual Merchandiser at XTRA Park Mall

His Home Decor Tips:

■ Keep things basic, and always start with large pieces such as the sofa.

■ Personalise your space with accessories such as cushions or even the items you bring back from your travels, which can evoke good memories.

■ Don’t neglect the soft furnishings, which are an integral part of your home.

■ Make sure the proportions and look of your furnishings are balanced and even, unless you are aiming for something impactful like a red chair in a white room.


FAUZEYA AHMAD, Interior Designer, Communication and Interior Design Department, Ikea Alexandra

Her Home Decor Tips:

■ Make full use of the wall and corners for storage if you live in a small space.

■ Jazz up the look of your sofa with throws and colourful cushions. The throw will also protect your sofa, while the cushions will make it look more welcoming.

■ Place your kids’ items on the bottom shelves of cabinets so they can retrieve and store them more easily. Also, avoid installing glass doors at lower levels if possible.