Decorate to de-stress!

The state of your home often reflects the state of your heart and mind. So if your home is actually making you feel stressed out, you'll need to make some changes! Here's how you can transform your home into a cosy sanctuary and a place of solace with these simple decor tips...

+ Go green. Plants are natural air purifiers.  All indoors plants (flowering or not) are able to purify indoor air to some degree through their normal photosynthesis processes. Also, taking a few minutes a day to tend to your mini indoor garden can be very therapeutic.

+ Cosy up. Find a spot where you can do something away from the phone or computer. Sitting down to read or sew will help your mind to unwind and not think of the stresses of the day.

+ Get bedside lamps. Turn down the lights just before bedtime and your body will know it's time for bed and you're more likely to fall asleep faster.

+ Don't work in your bedroom. If you have to bring work home or if you are home bound, carve out a workspace for yourself. Set some boundaries and limits. Work-life balance is crucial!

+ Have a dining area or counter for meals. Eating on the go or in front of the TV is unhealthy. Find space for a dining table or a counter so you can sit and enjoy every bite of your meal.

+ Make your bed before you go. Start your day with a simple task and you've got your mind working and your body stretching. It's also feels nice coming home to a neat room and a tidy bedroom.