Decorating Dos & Don'ts

kitchen by Artistroom


1. Do your homework. Don't work without a plan. Strategise, assess and reflect. Are certain features viable? What are your needs? Do your research and ask the experts for opinion.

2. Do trial and error. Play around with various elements and fixtures that are not built-in or permanent. If it doesn't work, take it down and start over.

3. Do accessorise, but don't over-design your space. Be selective. Not every nook, corner, wall and floor needs a splash of colour or design element. Sometimes, a bare wall is all you need to finish the look.

4. Do be patient. A collection is not built overnight. Take time to acquire pieces that reflect who you are and the style you are going for.


1. Don't make impulse purchases. While it's difficult, remember that not many companies would allow a refund or an exchange of goods. You wouldn't to be stuck with a piece of furniture that doesn't work or fit in with the rest of your decor.

2. Don't be afraid of large-scale furniture. The smaller the house, the smaller the furniture? Wrong. Dont allow your apartment to look like a doll house! Introduce large pieces in small doses! 

3. Don't follow wholesale. Do mix in trendy pieces with some classics. Filling your home with what's in doesn't mean it's stylish. Your home should reflect your personality and taste.

4. Don't second guess yourself. Don't ignore your gut feel and instincts. Learn to trust yourself regarding a design decision you are passionate about.