Designing with your kids in mind

Having children really changes every aspect of your life. You find yourself thinking a lot more about their needs and preferences before yours, you follow their schedule, you've changed your lifestyle, and now, your home seems to look different too! While it's important to child-proof your home, go beyond the technical nitty gritties. Think of your home as a nurturing environment. When you provide an environment for your child that reflects their presence in the home, you create opportunities for learning and bonding, and you'll be happy to see their confidence take flight.

Firstly, consider the various activities and tasks that you do at home. Let your children join in for activities like preparing meals, washing up and eating with the rest of the family. Let them know that they can accomplish things together with you. Make these activities accessible for them by adding step stools and adjustable seating options.

Secondly, design for play. Children love to model after their parents and play pretend. A dedicated play area gives children the opportunity to explore on their own and be imaginative. 

Thirdly, let your children have a sense of pride about their home by framing up their artwork. Allowing it to be part of the decor makes them feel important and loved. Change it about and mix in your favourite pieces for balance if you like.

Lastly, while your tempted to contain your children's mess in one area or solely in their rooms, remember that children love to be where you are.