Dimmable lights save energy. Read for more ways to improve your home.

Re-designing your home is not just about a paint job or decluttering. With these home electrical tips, courtesy of Schneider Electric, you can also save energy and money.

Light up your house, and lower your bills

Natural lighting improves your mood, energy levels, and helps save on the electricity bill. As not all homes have this luxury, opt for systems with ambient lighting and/or dimmable occupancy sensors which reduce usage, such as Schneider Electric's Argus range.

See wall switches as a design element.

When designing the home, include wall switches into the plan. This saves you from spending extra money to add unnecessary decorative features.


Control your devices conveniently

Take your home to the next level with an all-encompassing home control system. Such systems allow owners to interlink and control all their devices and systems from a single interface - be it entertainment, air-conditioning, lighting and more.

Fumble in the dark no more

Never fumble for the light switch again, with modern mechanical switches like Schneider Electric's NEO feature LED locators. They give off a soft glow that lets you know where the switches are.

Water and weather-proofing

One of the key safety considerations for your home would be to prevent any electrical shocks. Waterproof and weather proof the sockets, especially those in bathrooms and other humid places.

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