Direct from Sweden: We visit the largest Ikea store in the world!

We couldn't leave Stockholm without visiting Ikea's largest store in the world, could we? At 63,000sqm (677,880sqf) in size, 90% of which is retail space, the Kungens Kurva store is also the only one in the world housed in a round building.

Although it looks nice and new, the store was actually built in 1965! We were like kids in a candy store when let loose in this giant Ikea playground, which carries the Swedish furnishing brand's entire stocklist of 7,500 products.

Part of the Kungens Kurva store, which extended from a unique round structure (not seen) built in 1965.


Ikea store, entrance, escalator

Doesn't this entrance with the long escalator look familiar? The main display is just the first of many showcasing Ikea's bright and happy accessories for summer.


Ikea, store, furniture store

The store is only four-storeys high, but it has eight half-floors connected to each other with ramps. The internal circular layout of the store mirrors the round shape of the building. 


Ikea, furniture store

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad wanted customers to see every part of the store, hence there are no corners!


Ikea store, reindeer, decorations

Stylish reindeer accessories 


It's still cold and windy outside, but it's summer inside! Displays like this remind customers to get ready for their mid-summer parties!


Ikea store, paper decorations, party

The Ikea Paper Shop stocks beautiful items made from paper, such as party decorations, gift tags, wrapping materials, notebooks, tape and more! We want this in Singapore, please!


Ikea store, records, picture frame

Picture frames which display record sleeves


Ikea store, flooring, wood flooring

There's Ikea flooring too!


Ikea store, canteen, cafe

Finally, everyone's favourite place to rest in the store, the Ikea canteen. There are not one, but three places to stop and grab a bite at this store.