DIY: Corkboard World Map

The thirst for travelling is not one easily satisfied. Especially when your pocket is as empty as mine. But to get a step closer and to motivate yourself to travel, invest in a world-map to mark the places you have been and are planning on travelling to.

Spotting a corkboard map on pinterest, I decided to make one myself and as a reward, it now stings everytime I wash my hands in Dettol. No, I'm kidding, the corkboard map is hanging pretty in my room, begging to be covered in push-pins.

Though it may appear to be simple, it does give a visual impact to my once bland bedroom wall.

For your very own corkboard map, you'll need:

A roll of corkboard (available for purchase at Spotlight)
Push pins (Daiso)
Large, hard card to support the soft corkboard at the back (Daiso)
Double-sided tape
Wall adhesive (Daiso)
Pen knife
A large trace out of a map (available online)

Step one:
Print out your large map. You'll definitely need a large map because A4 just won't cut it. I popped by Block Posters, a great site that converts images of your choice into ready-to-print posters by slicing them into A4 blocks.

Something like this:


If you're loath to search for your own world map, here's the one I used. I found it on google with the search, "black and white map". Genius right?

Click on the image for a link to a larger version of the map.

Step two:
Lay out your blocks of map onto your corkboard. Don't worry if your map doesn't fit your corkboard completely, you can always do it in pieces and put it together like a jigsaw puzzle once you're done.

Pin the paper down to the corkboard.

Step three:
Start cutting!

Cut carefully!

Step four:
Turn the parts of your map over and start attaching them to the backing you purchased. I bought hard card from Daiso. It was large, it was cheap, what's not to like? Plus the grid looked good with the corkboard.

This is the part where you get to piece together all the different parts of your map together!

Step five:
For tiny little islands (like Singapore for example) corkboard crumbs will do just fine. The only difficult part would be finding out where you would want to put them. If you're not fussy, I'd say give them a miss altogether.

Look at all the tiny, miniscule islands of Indonesia, Philippines, Japan.. ASIA IS LITTERED WITH ISLANDS.

Step six:
After much sweat and hand cramps, the beautiful map was done.

The pins are there to signify the places I've been to. More to come!

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