DIY: Glitter accessories bowl

Men, turn away, glitter bowls are probably not your thing. But ladies, turn on the sparkle by adding these pretty bowls to your office desk. Easy and fun to make, it makes the perfect weekend project for you. Actually, it's so quick and easy to do, you can actually finish it during your lunch hour and still have time to eat your chap chye peng. Like me. Please wash your hands though. Glue doesn't taste nice.

Anyway I decided to brighten up my desk with these small glitter bowls, perfect for holding paper clips and a few accessories. Pardon my messy desk. It goes great with my table plants.

What you'll need:

  • Glitter (you can buy small bottles from Art Friend for about $2+)
  • Mod Podge Glue (Matt or glossy is fine)
  • A container to mix
  • A sponge brush
  • Balloons (I wanted small bowls so I used those tiny, and cheap, water balloons)
  • A mug or something hold your balloon upside down

Step one:
Mix the glitter. Start by taking equal parts glitter with equal part glue. Dump them all into the same container. Doesn't it look pretty? I decided to mix orange and gold.

Fair warning, pour carefully, because if glitter gets on you, it never leaves. Never.

Step two:
Mix up the  mess! If you find it's too thin and watery, just keep adding glitter. I heaped in so much glitter. I used almost half of each bottle. You're looking for a chunky consistency. The glitter flakes should be more prominent than the glue.

This was SUPER fun. I can't even begin to express how fun it was.
Some colleagues even walked over and asked to stir. You feel like you're in preschool again!

You're looking for this amazing consistancy.
This is great for homemade glitter glue as well, the only downside is that you don't have a squeezy bottle to pipe out words. But that you can always buy.
With this home-mix, you get more sparkle for your buck. (I need time to think of a wittier way to say that.)


Step three:
After pumping your balloon to the right size, prop it up in a mug and start plastering the glitter mix all over the balloon. You don't have to be neat, you have to be generous.

Lay it on thick and you'll have an amazing drip pattern around the balloon. Great for a unique bowl!

Step four:
Leave it to dry, and once it has dried a little, place another layer on top to make sure any holes are covered. You'll also want a thicker layer at the top so that you can create a base for the bowl (this will happen later).

You can see the clear distinction between both!

Step five:
Once the outer layer has dried, turn it over and rest it on your table. This forces the glitter glue to form a flat base. Exactly what you need for a bowl. Don't be itchy-fingered and pull out portions. IT IS NOT DRY. You're gonna have to leave it overnight.

I don't know about you, but I've got a winning bowl right here.

Step six:
Leave it to dry overnight like this. I also made a smaller, extra bowl.

Step seven:
Come back to your office the next day and you'll find the glue will be completely hard! Time to pop!

I'm terrified of popping balloons, but this, this I was willing to do.

Step eight:
You're done! Isn't it gorgeous?

Glitter on my friends. Glitter on.