DIY Keys: Messy No More

About a week ago I got home in the afternoon, just as the friendly neighbourhood pest controllers started fogging the estate. It was a mad dash through the corridor to my home before the fog got to me. But I was still engulfed in a wave of toxic mist.


Because I forgot which one, out of my mess of keys, was used to open the door. (I currently have about seven keys dangling on my key chain) My hair smelt of insect death and my eyes were burning.

So I decided that I needed a colour-coding system. Inspired by some of the many pinterest articles on nail-polish uses, I turned my keys into this:


For you lazy ones, here's the idiot-proof how-to-do-it chart. ;) Scroll down for a more detailed explaination.


I like them. Before you get too lazy to scroll down, I put in few pearls of wisdom for you to avoid a Pinterest-fail. (Trust me, you'll need them.)

Here are some simple steps into getting it done right. For men, use your wife’s/ sister’s / mother’s nail polish. There are plenty in the house and I’m sure you can spare $3 to get a cheap colour off the shelf.

Step One:

You’ll need all this:

A top coat is only necessary if you really want it perfect. It still looks good without a top coat though.

Step Two:

Use your masking tape to mark out a nice line.

Turn it over and mark the other side too.

Step Three:

Like painting your nails, coat it in two coats till the colour is nice and rich.

Check out my tubby fingers doing their work!
Let the first coat dry a little before starting on the second coat.

Step Four:

Wait for it to dry. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Pull it out too early and you’ll pull away the polish from the key, leading to a messy, uneven coat.

It looks gross and uneven now, but leave it alone and it will dry after a while.
Once one side is dry, you can get started on the other side, make sure you coat the corners and edges too!

You’re done!

See the pretty line it makes when you let it dry!

Repeat the same process with all the keys on both sides. Make sure you get all the crevices. And most importantly:

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm kidding when I say this, but seriously:


LET THEM DRY. They’ll have to be dry enough so that they don’t stick together when you hang them back. Quite a few of my keys suffered this fate because I was too lazy to wait overnight. Well. Serves me right. Horror story: Imagine five to seven keys all stacked and stuck to each other because of laziness. *gasp* horrifying.

Be sure to let your keys dry overnight kids! You’ll have pinterest-perfect keys in no time.